Westchester Property Management Q & A with Linda Einfrank

Our property management and real estate team in White Plains helps owners and investors buy, sell, rent, and manage their properties. Our earlier articles have focused primarily on what we do, and how we do it.

Here Linda Einfrank, President of Sterling Property Solutions, offers a Q & A about property management in Westchester County, and some behind the scenes insight.

Westchester, NY Property Management and Real Estate Services

1) Sterling’s property management team are also licensed real estate professionals. What are the advantages of hiring a firm that does both?

Linda: Property management companies work with investors who want to get the most value and return on investment (ROI) from their property, or potential property.

A property management firm like ours knows about all the various available buildings, and types of buildings, due to our property management clients and network. The owners of these buildings who are looking to expand their real estate investment portfolio then need someone to find new properties.

Since we are already familiar with the local market’s  availability and property values, we are a perfect option to help them find new buildings. That’s where our real estate experience and being licensed real estate professionals offers our clients an advantage.

Clients especially appreciate our flexibility in wanting to offer the best possible service. At Sterling, we are happy to find you new properties without managing them. Or, we can help you do everything from closing the sale to handling rent collection and repairs. We know our clients and their needs, we know property management, and we know real estate in Westchester.

2) Sterling Property Solutions focuses solely on Westchester County, NY. Are there benefits from working with a hyper-local property management firm?

Linda: All of our business and our properties are in Westchester – this is where our expertise is. Our office is in White Plains, which is central to Westchester. We can be at any of our properties or potential buildings within a half hour. We’re very hands on!

Leading Westchester’s Top Property Management Company

1) Is there anything you’d like to mention about property management that tenants, owners or investors wouldn’t know?

Linda: Property management is a 24/7 business! That’s the biggest thing that surprises owners who want to DIY management of their property.

Between rent collection, tenant relations and emergency repairs, managing your property really can be like a full time job. We have the resources, connections and infrastructure to handle any problem, even in the middle of the night.

A property owner wouldn’t have the same level of resources – the plumbers, the electricians, the handymen – at their disposal. In addition, the longstanding relationships we have allow us to get really good pricing.

2) What is the most rewarding aspect of owning and running your own property management and real estate business?

Linda: The most fulfilling thing about my work is when you match a tenant to the right property. It’s rewarding to find someone a home, or maybe they can’t afford a home, but we find them something to rent that they really love.

Matching the right person to a rental property also makes our owner clients happy, because we find great tenants. We listen to tenants’ needs, which over the long haul creates positive, long term relationships between tenants and owners.

It all works out:  the result for our owners is low turnover and low vacancy, both of which lower marketing and remodeling costs; the result for tenants is a happy home that they love. The landlord has a happy tenant, which makes a happy landlord. It’s a snowball effect.

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