Great Places to Live in Westchester County, New York

Westchester County lies in Hudson Valley, north of New York City. This is the second most populated county in the sate after the Bronx. It’s appealing because of its historical attractions and relative safety compared to major cities in most states.

If you’re looking to move here, keep on reading for a list of great places to live! You can also contact Sterling Property Solutions if you are seeking help to search for a rental property in the area. 


1. Hartsdale


Hartsdale is a small town. The real estate prices here are generally as expensive as other properties in the state, however less costly than those in Scarsdale. Both have homes that are similar in architectural designs. However, Hartsdale homes typically have smaller lot sizes and there are fewer top-rated schools in the area. 

Hartsdale is town in the suburbs with an urban and sophisticated vibe. It has a decent number of amenities for a suburban town, including a train station, some hip bars, a variety of restaurants and cafes, and specialty boutique stores.

This town is generally home to white-collar professionals who work in the management, teaching, business, and finance industries. Hartsdale is also home to booming art and cultural scene. 


2. Rye


This is a relatively small coastal city on Long Island Sound. This city features historical architecture that adds a distinct character to its small-town charm. The city is generally populated by white-collar professionals holding jobs in management and sales. There are also a number of artists living in this city. 

It’s a great city for families raising kids as there are a number of high-quality public schools in the city. The city is relatively family-oriented and has a low-crime rate. The city provides residents with easy access to outdoor and water-related activities.

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Some of the city’s amenities include:

  • Oakland Beach
  • City Marina
  • Arts Center
  • Library
  • Nature Center
  • Garden Club, and more.

It’s also located quite close to the commuter rail terminal.


3. Bronxville


This village is definitely one of the most expensive in the area. People can enjoy some great amenities including quality schools, convenient transportation options, charming boutique stores, bookstores, cinemas, restaurants, a park, and a farmer’s market.

There are also a lot of entertainment options here. There are frequent lectures, concerts, and exhibits hosted here that you can attend. There is also the Lake Isle County Club, where you can golf, play tennis, or swim. Most residents are white-collar professionals working in management, sales, business, or finance. 

For families raising children, the Bronxville Union Free School District is a great option. The village is family-oriented and has a low crime rate. In terms of transportation, the railroad is only a half-hour away. Commuters traveling to Manhattan can also easily catch a ride at the Bronxville Station. 


4. Scarsdale 


Scarsdale is another town with relatively expensive home prices. Most of the residents are highly educated and work in white-collar occupations such as management, sales, business, and finance. It has high-quality schools and is only a short commute to train station. This town has a lot of ethnic diversity, and you’ll commonly hear Chinese and Spanish spoken as well as English. 

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5. Greenville  


Greenville is a town in the suburbs that has a fairly high rental price compared to other neighborhoods in the state. The houses here are typically studios, 2-4 bedroom homes, apartments, or single-family homes. They range from being built in the 1940s-60s to being built more recently in the 1970s-90s. The commute to train station from Greenville only takes roughly half an hour. 

The Greenville population is primarily white-color and well-educated. 

Conclusion: Best Places to Live

This county, located in the Hudson Valley north of New York City, offers a variety of homes for various budgets and priorities. They have high-quality schools in most neighborhoods, short commutes to Grand Central, and plenty of entertainment options. Although some of the real estate in these neighborhoods are expensive, if you partner with the right realtor, you’ll be able to score a great deal. It’s a great place to purchase an investment property as well.