Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Property Management Company in Westchester

property management company is an invaluable resource for property owners or investors in Westchester who want to streamline the process of renting or selling their property. There are so many details involved in preparing and maintaining a property, as well as communicating with tenants and keeping financial and legal documents organized. All of this can become overwhelming for property owners or investors to handle alone. Below is a list of the top 5 ways a property management company can use their expertise and resources to help take the burden and hassle of renting away from owners and investors.


Why You Should Hire a Property Manager

1. Getting the Rental or Selling Process Off the Ground

A property management company can help owners through the process of renting or selling their property, starting from square one. If you are looking to rent your property, a property management company will use proven marketing and advertising methods to spread the word and help you find tenants quickly in order to fill your space.

If you are looking to buy or sell, a property management company can jumpstart the process by giving you a Comparative Marketing Analysis (CMA) and helping to professionally stage your home in order to sell your property at the highest price the market will allow.


2. Regular Property Inspection & Maintenance

Property inspections and maintenance can be complicated to coordinate. It’s difficult to know how to find the best and most cost effective maintenance providers for your property. A property management firm has built-in connections to contractors and inspectors and can do the necessary legwork to make sure that your property is inspected, maintained, and cared for most efficiently.

Also – make sure to choose a property management company that maintains in-house handymen who are on call to help fix problems as they arise. This will eliminate troublesome surprises and repairs, and allows property owners to be protected against any issues that may occur.


3. Streamlined Tenant Interactions

Poring over rental applications and then collecting rent from tenants each month can be an incredibly time-consuming process. Property management companies can help here as well. Experienced, local companies are the way to go. They know the area and have tried and true methods that use checks and balances to identify red flag tenants so property owners are always protected from future inconvenience.

A property management company can also help alleviate the hassle of rent collection. Instead of individually billing each tenant, owners can rely on their property management company to handle invoicing and payments each month, and to process rents and payment transfers quickly and securely. Furthermore, Westchester’s elite management companies have the most convenient technology to make rent collection easy.


4. Expert Handling of Legal Contracts & Financial Documents

Bookkeeping and accounting for property owners can be a nightmare of paperwork and number crunching, as well as the myriad legal contracts that must be drawn up between owners and tenants. With the help of a property management company, owners and investors will have all of their legal contracts handled, as well as regular financial reports that make accounting much more simplified in the long run. For commercial property management, legal and financial know-how is also a must when choosing the right firm.


5. Saving Property Owners Time, Money, and Headaches

With all of the intricate responsibilities and jobs that come with being a property owner or investor, it can be daunting to imagine handling everything on one’s own. All of these jobs require a high level of expertise and organization, as well as time, money, and resources. Needless to say, this can cause a big headache for property owners.

It is the primary goal of a property management company to save owners time and money, and to make the renting process as smooth and enjoyable as possible for everyone involved, including owners and tenants. It is worth it to invest in a property management company considering all of the hassle they can spare you from.


If the idea of hiring a property management company is appealing to you as a property owner or investor in Westchester, you will be happy to learn that Sterling Property Solutions provides all of the services detailed above, and many more. Sterling Property Solutions is located in White Plains and serves all of Westchester County. Not only do we provide property management services, we are also licensed real estate professionals and can help with buying and selling your property.