Top 5 Reasons to Get a Rental Assessment for Your Westchester Property

Relocating or thinking about moving into a new home? Or maybe you’re empty nesters looking to downsize. In that case, a great way to get the most out of your current property is to rent it out using a well-regarded property management company. You’ll earn monthly income, and any issues that arise are dealt with by your property manager. 

Or maybe you’re renting out a single or multi-family home and doing the property management on your own?

Either way, having a free rental assessment done by Sterling Property Solutions is a great way to jump in and find out what your property is worth from a rental perspective.

Why Getting a Rental Assessment for Your Westchester Property is a Smart Idea:

1     A Sterling Property Solutions Rental Assessment Is Absolutely Free Unlike a home evaluation, a rental assessment is a FREE service provided by your local property manager, which makes it a risk-free venture even if you’re only trying to get a ballpark idea of the property’s rental worth.Free rental assessmentYou’ll also learn valuable information, for example, about marketing your property or dealing with tenant acquisition and turnover. Getting the information and knowledge is the first step, and we can help you get there.
2       Your Westchester Rental Property Is An Investment That is GrowingIn many cases, your equity has developed more than you might think. Why not take the next step and find out what the property is worth, and what it takes to optimize its return on investment as a rental.
3       Planning and Investing in Your Next Step ForwardThe equity in your rental property can be as beneficial as cash in your pocket. Where could you be if you took advantage of the current rental market? With vacancy rates at all-time lows and rents rising all the time in Westchester County, investing in a rental property can be an smart financial choice.If you already own investment properties, a rental assessment can ensure that you’re generating the maximum rate of return for your market. Why not ask us to complete a rental assessment whenever it’s convenient for you? We know Westchester.
4       Finance Future RenovationsIf you’re thinking about purchasing your next investment property, the equity in your current rental property could provide funds needed for renovations. Ask your local property management executive to advise you on the potential future value of your rental property.
5       To Attain You Dream – NowWhether you’re considering a sea change, investing in education or planning a new lifestyle acquisition such as a car or boat, what you’re renting out now could help fulfill your future dreams. Just ask the experts. And it’s worry free when you use a highly experienced, local property manager