Time For A Little Laughter

My blog articles are usually about serious things, and that’s how it should be. But every once in a while, it’s good to say, “You know what, it’s time to take a deep breath, relax for a second, and consider the lighter side of life.”

When I come across something that makes me laugh – a cartoon, joke, or a short story – I tuck it away in a digital drawer. When the world’s cares get a bit too heavy, I just click on my Laugh file, have a good chuckle, and instantly feel a bit better.

Here are a few of my favorites that I’ve collected over the past year.

I love this story from a landlord in Texas –

“I had a tenant who informed me that he was having some trouble in his relationship and that his wife had left and now he would not be able to continue renting my house. I told him that I understand and we set up a time to do the final walk-through and part ways. As I pulled close to the house I was really confused because I was positive that my house was on the corner but this was not my house… he had painted the house purple! And not a nice shade of lavender but full-on Barney the Dinosaur purple. Top to bottom, everything but the windows and shingles was purple. When I asked why my house was purple, he told me that his wife’s favorite color was purple and he thought that this might bring her back.” 

From St. Louis, here’s another great landlord tale –

“We got a call from the neighbor of a rental property we own that the tenant was outside, behaving strangely. After several failed attempts to reach the tenant by the phone, we found him in the backyard of the property in a dug-out bunker. Apparently, the couple we were renting to was going through a divorce and the man’s response to his wife kicking him out was to dig up the back yard and live in a literal man cave. We filled the hole and proceeded with eviction. Not funny then; very funny now.” 

This one comes from a tenant in Massachusetts –

Many years ago while looking for our first apartment, my then, future husband, (now hubby of 46 years) and myself, found out that a gentlemen that I worked with had an empty apartment so we decided to check it out. We loved it and decided to take it. While getting the information (how much and who to make the check payable to) is when I started laughing uncontrollably. His name was Gilbert Mello and he said “you can make the check payable either to me or my wife Marsha”. Well as I started writing out the check I was laughing so hard that tears were coming down my face. They were all just looking at me wondering what was wrong. When I finally composed myself I showed them the check payable to “Marsha Mello”…… This was the beginning of a long and wonderful friendship.

One more, I love this one –

On a very cold winter day a neighbor called me to tell me that one of my tenants had their windows wide open. I pay for the heat. I immediately went to see my tenant who complained that she had the windows open because her apartment was unbearably hot. I glance at the thermostat to see that it is set to – 80 degrees!!!! As I point to the thermostat in an accusatory way, while attempting to control my temper, she says, “What is that?” God bless tenants.






Recently, a tour guide was leading a group of tourists through a famous, ancient castle in Germany. “This castle was built nearly eight hundred years ago. All features are original – not one stone has been changed, not one wall has been altered, and not one upgrade, superficial or functional, has occurred in all these years.”

“Wow,” interrupted a woman, rolling her eyes. “They must have the same property manager I do.”


My landlord walked in the other day, threatening to kick me out. Her reason? I hadn’t made a single rental payment in years; just listen to what she had to say.

“Come on, son – you’re 35. Don’t you think it’s time you found a place of your own?”


What do great affordable contractors have in common with UFOs? You always hear stories about them, but no one you know has actually seen one.


And finally, from the “poetic justice file” LOL –



Keep smiling!

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