Westchester County’s Rental Referral Program for Real Estate Agents

You can’t build a business in the real estate industry without building up relationships. Between maintenance service providers and stagers, cleaning services and mortgage lenders. It’s all connected. For example, property managers need real estate agents to give their clients the best possible services, and the reverse is also true for real estate agents who own or manage second homes for their clients.

In the real estate industry, these interconnected relationships are necessary and advantageous in order for each of us to expand our business to its fullest potential. At Sterling Property Solutions, we’re experts in Westchester property management. Here are a few ways you -an expert in real estate sales- and Sterling can work better together.

Our Rental Referral Program

The Upsides Of A Business Relationship With Sterling Property Solutions

By working with us, you can be assured that your clients are in good hands until we return the listing to you thanks to our experience in managing homes and condos.

Your clients will also benefit with our services that will maximize their financial returns without using up their own time. The experience you have in selling homes combined with our skills is a boon for you and your clients no matter how you slice it.

If your client is an investor who wants to purchase multiple homes or pay in cash, we can help streamline that process and cut down on potentially costly mistakes while helping them earn more money out of their deals.

Westchester’s housing market is our playing field, and we’re always up to date on rental market trends and pricing. Assisting your client in establishing an appropriate rental rate for the area is crucial to gaining returns on their investments.

Remember, the benefits of a potential partnership don’t just extend to your clients. If your client decides to rent out their home, we can manage it while you work on the sale.

We strongly believe you should keep in touch with the owner while we market the property with your name so you can make the sale when the owner is ready.

For every client you refer to Sterling that signs on with us, we’ll pay you a referral commission fee! It’s extra cash in your pocket for a service that will keep on giving!

Plus, if you’re already managing properties as well but want to get back to focusing on real estate sales we can help you with juggling multiple homes. You can still sell the homes when the owners are ready to move on, and you can do it with no stress as you focus on your sales expertise!

The Benefits Your Investor and Owner Clients Can Expect From Us

Sterling is a firmly established linchpin for property management in Westchester. For years we’ve been maximizing property efficiencies and helping homeowners dodge catastrophic mistakes. While we manage, you can do the sales, and your clients will have a fully realized real estate service. So what exactly can your clients expect out of this burgeoning relationship?

For starters, we fill vacancies quickly. Every day a property is vacant is money lost, and we work around the clock advertising properties and checking our radar to dramatically lower vacancy time.

We make sure to inspect the properties routinely to root out any overlooked issues or mistakes that could become money sinks in the future.

Our tenant vetting process is thorough, as we don’t want homeowners to end up with a tenant who will become a difficult to remove problem down the line.

We value all of our business relationships, and that includes our relationships with maintenance vendors. With our stellar reputation, we hold onto our most valued vendors and in turn we can offer discounted and timely maintenance services done professionally.

Homeowners will be able to keep tabs on their property online and through reports compiled by us in-house.

We also perform full service leasing, which includes property showings, move-in assessments, rent guidance, and walking tenants through the ins and outs of the property upon signing a lease.

When it comes to collecting rent, we are professional yet stern, and diligent about making sure your clients get paid on time every month. We also understand that even with the best vetting processes, sometimes a problematic tenant slips through the cracks. In those unfortunate cases, we’re knowledgeable about Westchester’s landlord and tenant laws, and we can begin the legal steps for a smooth eviction in order to get the property rented out again as quickly as possible.

With all these benefits, it’s a no brainer that working with Sterling Property Solutions as a real estate agent is a win-win situation for everyone involved. Don’t wait to get a referral commission for referring your clients to us, and don’t wait to get started on building a better business relationship today!